The Rice University Bioscience Research Collaborative (BRC) Building is a 10-story structure comprised of 8 tower levels for research laboratories and faculty offices. Recently, the BRC’s first floor underwent a facelift to accommodate our growing research facility needs. A new build-out was completed to create a brand new space designated for community based research projects. With great anticipation, we are proud to introduce the Community Research Center (CRC) as the BMED Lab’s new home at the BRC at Rice University.

crc-welcome-inside brc-outside




The CRC consists of 3,400 square feet fully furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This space includes a waiting room and a reception area to greet  participants from our community who have graciously agreed to take part in our research.

crc-waiting-room crc-angie-receptionist

In addition, the CRC includes 8 consultation rooms and 2 triage rooms fully furnished and equipped for high caliber research in a medical setting. Participants also have access to a private restroom facility.


Our student workspace overlooks the bustling sidewalk in the world-renown Houston Medical Center. We love being a part of the energy!


The team utilizes the communal workspaces to foster collaboration and a supportive work environment.

crc-jeff-and-levi crc-student-room

 Our weekly lab meetings are held in our spacious new conference room.


We can’t wait to see what new scientific discoveries are around the corner!